♚ Chess Twist

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Chess Twist is a chess variant set on procedurally generated boards, where straight lines bend and diagonals fork. Same rules, different battlefield. Opportunities for new strategies are hidden in plain sight. Will you see them before your opponent does?

New Strategies

Every piece moves the same way as in classic chess. But the board is very different, and that opens the door to new opportunities.

On this board, the white rook can put the opposite king in check without moving:

Or here, you only need to move a pawn to have the black bishop attack the white king:

In Chess Twist, each board has unique features, and it's up to you to make best use of them.

And you can always drag any piece around to get a better intuition on how it moves at different positions.

Procedurally Generated Boards

Every board is different. This is not a game where you can learn openings. This is now an observation game.


Wishlist the game on Steam in order to play multiplayer online. You'll be able to join public lobbies, or create private ones.

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